Please only fill out and submit forms in this way if you have been instructed by our office staff to do so. For all other patients, please see our patient portal page here for more information on accessing the patient portal and filling out the required forms.

New patients who are unable to access the patient portal will be instructed to complete and submit these forms to our office for review. Once reviewed, a member of our team will reach out to you to schedule. Please note: our office requires a referral from your doctor to start the scheduling process. Packets will not be processed if there is not a valid referral in place.

New Patient File Upload Instructions

  1. Select packet that applies to you (CPAP or non-CPAP user)
  2. Download the fillable form to your computers Desktop
  3. Fill out and save the document
  4. Select "Choose file" and select your completed packet from your Desktop
  5. Click "Submit"
We will give you a call to schedule a consultation appointment once we have received and processed your completed packet.
Upload your forms below: