Patient Portal

Click here to access your ESDC Patient Portal Account.

Instructions for new patients:

Our office requires a referral from your doctor to start the scheduling process. When we receive your referral someone from our office will contact you and send you an invitation email that will allow you to create your patient portal account.

The email will look like the following...

​​​​The subject of the invitation email will be Patient Portal Account Notification. The email will be from Emerald Sleep Disorder Center at You may need to check your spam folder.

Click on Create Your Account to continue to your account registration.

The first thing you will need to do to finish your account registration is to create a password and enter your date of birth.


1. Click Register to continue. Alternatively, you may connect with your Facebook or Google account to continue as well.

Next you will be asked to verify your identity and email through the Two-Factor Authentication process. It may be tedious and redundant, but the two-factor authentication process is vital in keeping your health records private and secure.

2. Click on Send Code to receive the verification email. The subject of the email will be Validation Code num where num is the code needed to enter in step 2 to verify your email.

Once inside the patient portal go to the Forms section and complete all forms and questionnaires assigned to you. These are important and must be done before we can schedule your consultation appointment with one of our providers.


3. Click Start for each assigned form or questionnaire. Completely fill out or sign the forms and then click Submit.


Go to Profile > Upload Documents to upload your ID and insurance cards next. Uploading your ID and insurance cards through the patient portal will allow us to process your information sooner and get you scheduled with a provider faster.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


4. On desktop computers click or drag and drop to add images of your cards. Mobile users will have the option to take a photo with their device’s camera to upload the images of your cards. Please upload both the front and back of cards.


Once you have submitted all forms and uploaded all your cards, please let us know and we will process everything you submitted and schedule you for your consultation with one of our providers soon.

If you encounter any issues in this process, please call our office at 541-683-3325. If you call outside of business hours, you may leave a message.